Buses in the UK (South East) – Eastbourne

Eastbourne is another wonderful seaside town located about an hour east of Brighton. It has a population of 103,524 habitants and it is in East Sussex (not far from the Kent border).

The main bus company serving Eastbourne is Stagecoach South East. Brighton & Hove also operate the Coaster 12/12A/12X and Coaster Trail 13X from Brighton into Eastbourne, and Compass Travel, Renown Group and Seaford & District also seem to have a big presence in Eastbourne.

19 JULY 2017

My first ever time filming the buses in Eastbourne was today! I came there to try some Scania E300s and Scania E400s that Stagecoach Eastbourne have. And Eastbourne have a nice variety of ADL buses! (between E200, Scania E300, Trident 2 E400, E40D E400 and Scania E400!).




Seems a pretty good route. Connecting Heathfield with Sovereign Harbour, I like their Scania ADL Enviro 300s and 400s allocated to the route. I filmed it from Eastbourne Terminus Road to St Anthony’s Road Lidl. Was originally going to catch The Wave 99 but the main aim for me was to film a Scania N230UD E400 on the first route that turned up which goes to Langney Green. 51 turned up so I caught this route. And the bus I caught (15546/GN59 EWV) had a really nice ZF! 51 is good also because it goes around some pretty nice areas of Eastbourne.



Really interesting route. I like the 1. Mainly because it can get everything (normally tends to be ADL E40D E400 ex-Aberdeen). But also because the route itself is nice. I’m not too keen on the eastern section of the 1, but I love the western section (reason will be mentioned on the sister 1A that I caught later on today). Bus I filmed: 19656 (SP60 DPZ)



Now, the main aim was to film a Scania Enviro 300 (mainly for my friend who loves these buses). And it turned up on the 1A. So I caught the 1A to a nice hill in the Old Town area. I love the 1/1A from Eastbourne Terminus Road to where the Old Town finishes because it involves some interesting hill climb and descent which can offer a nice panorama. Also because I love the old bit of Eastbourne which can be seen from the 1A. Bus I filmed: 28610 (GN61 EVR)



After a nice ride on the 1A, it was time for me to go to the beach. So I caught the first bus that turned up going towards Eastbourne Town Centre. And it was the 98. A better sounding Euro 4 Scania (which is 15484, registered as GN09 BAO) turned up and so I filmed the bus for just a few stops. The route is alright in my opinion, but it is boring compared to the 1/1A because it cuts straight into Eastbourne, unlike these routes.


Arriving into Eastbourne by train, I walked to stop F of Terminus Road to catch the 99 (I was originally going to catch that route). Waited there for a few minutes. Whilst waiting, I got loads of photos (including the probably busiest route in Eastbourne, The Loop). 51 turned up which goes to somewhere where the 99 goes. So I caught the 51 to St Anthony’s Road Lidl.

After having got off the 51, I want to buy some bread at Lidl. I managed to get a few bus pictures whilst walking there and back to the bus stop. Then I caught the bus back to the town centre. And 1 with an ex-Aberdeen ADL E400 Integral turned up.

Got off the 1. Firstly had a pub lunch with a nice hamburger. After that I did a bit of shopping in the town centre before I caught the 1A. Then I went back to Terminus Road to get more photos of the buses there.

Got off the 1A. Took a few photos at some buses and coaches on the main road before catching the 98.

When I got off the 98, I did some more shopping once again and then I walked to the beach to relax myself there. I got a few photos of some buses on the seafront.

After relaxing myself, I walked back to the station via the Meads Teatre and the college in Eastbourne (where the 3 goes to).

And that’s about it for the day. As Eastbourne is lovely I will hopefully go there again one day and get full route visuals for some routes.